Homework Policy

Millburn Academy Music Department

Homework Policy


S.1/2 - Formal homework in music is limited to no more than one exercise per term and is linked to the theme of the listening unit that is being covered in class. These homework exercises will usually be an important part of revision for the listening assessment and therefore it is important that they are completed to a high standard.

In addition to these, informal tasks may also be given to pupils pertaining to what is being covered in class.


S.3-6 - Homework is set on a weekly basis at these levels and pupils are given at least three evenings to complete them. The tasks set relate primarily to the listening/appreciation unit and give pupils opportunity to learn and further reinforce the listening concepts of the course. This is combined with work designed to enable pupils to familiarise themselves with the musical literacy skills required at all levels of the course. Both these elements which are reinforced through homework are also useful in the performance and composition units of the course.


S.1-6 – In the event that a pupil is unable to complete an exercise at home, for whatever reason, the pupil will be asked to come into the department during a lunchtime or after school in order to complete the work required. If this is an on-going issue contact will be made with the pupil’s parents in order to discuss the matter further.